Audibles in Relationships

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Audibles in Relationships

            Football’s popularity has sky rocketed over the past decade. The sport has given us many legends like Brett Favre,Jerry Rice, Peyton Manning and a legend in the making Tom Brady.  However, behind every legend there is a leading lady. 

            Gisele Bundchen began dating Brady in 2006 and the two married 3 years later. Looking at the first family of football today, you wouldn't think that Brady and Bundchen go through the struggles other couples do.  However, their bond is strong because they made it through one of the toughest situations a couple has to endure.

            Several months after the two started dating, Brady’s ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, announced that she was pregnant with his child.  Gisele had to make the choice to take the easy way out and leave or work through it and stay.  At 27 was she ready to be a step mom and handle the stress of her new loves ex being in constant communication with him?  Gisele decided that the future she saw with Brady was not just something she wanted to throw away. 


            The situation that Brady, Bundchen, and Moynahan found themselves in is very common. There are a few things that we can learn from them if we ever found ourselves in a similar situation.

  1. Make the decision, and stick to it.  Gisele had to decided to fight for her relationship.  They did not break up and get back together repeatedly, which would have created an unstable foundation to build a marriage and help raise a child.
  2. Keep it to yourself! All three celebrities are constantly in the public eye but managed to keep family business, especially about the child out of the media, unless it was positive.  Try not to bash the parents of your children or their step-parents, to make life easier for the youths and keep other peoples opinions out of your head.
  3. Love is always the right choice. In any interview you see where Brady, Bundchen, and Moynahan are speaking about their children, they always say that love is the most important factor.  It never hurts a child to have too many loving people in their life, even if they are from a very extended family, so don’t try to shut them out!


Imani Goodall, Social Media Intern